About the Authors

The author team: Uwe, Shailendra, and Stefan (from left to right)

Shailendra, Stefan, and Uwe met during their four joint years from 2008 to 2011 at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). They were all, one way or another, busy with growing a mature culture of software architecture in their respective parts of this large company. Their roads crossed when Stefan and Uwe worked at setting up a SOA Innovation Lab at TCS, Dusseldorf. Although their attempt did not fully materialize, the three began to communicate and collaborate on many other architecture initiatives on a regular base. In essence, the author team felt united by their experience to have done everything from coding to CIO consulting over the last twenty odd years.

On one such occasion, the idea of writing a book on enterprise architecture came to their plate, and they thought it worth pursuing. Their first encounters war entirely virtual, as Shailendra was based at Mumbai (India), while Stefan and Uwe were located in Düsseldorf (Germany). They actually did not meet in person until end of 2010, when they were already half way through their book writing effort. 

What then made them  to take the challenge of writing a book together? It was perhaps their shared aspiration, as Uwe stated once: “I feel that our current position (as architect), and in particular the writing of our book is quite rewarding, since it solves real problems other people are struggling with”.