Dr. Stefan Bente

Dr. Stefan Bente heads a team for Enterprise and IT Architecture at Cassini Consulting, a German IT strategy and technology consulting company. In that role, he and his team advise customers in IT strategy and technology, and act as architects and specialists in IT projects. 

Stefan started his IT career in the late 1980ies, where he developed software for water resources management. He stayed in that area for more than ten years, eventually switching from development to research work at the universities of Trondheim (Norway) and Darmstadt (Germany). His Ph.D. thesis described challenges and solutions for an expert system for complex water resource planning. 

In the year 2000, he went back to R&D work, starting as a software design engineer at Nokia Networks (later NSN). In the subsequent time, Stefan worked several years as a software architect in various parts of Nokia's OSS suite, a multi-MLOC management system for mobile networks. During that work, he frequently assumed an Enterprise Architect role, designing solutions and guidelines in areas like UI platforms, BI, data warehousing, and model-driven software development. 

In 2008, Stefan turned from R&D to consulting by joining Tata Consultancy Service to head the Software Architecture department in Düsseldorf, Germany. During that time, Stefan managed and supervised architecture projects, designed trainings for TCS architects, and acted as project or enterprise architect. In 2012, Stefan left TCS to join Cassini Consulting.   

Stefan has a passion for all aspects of architectural thinking - from techniques to culture. He has published various papers on this topic, teaches university courses, and appears as conference speaker. Stefan lives with his wife and son in Düsseldorf.