Dr. Uwe Bombosch

Uwe studied Mathematics at the university of Münster (Germany) and received his Ph. D. in the area of arithmetic geometry, a discipline applying geometrical methods to number-theoretic problems.

He began his career in IT as a software developer at Nokia R & D in 1998, was appointed Group Manager in 2002, but left the management track already in 2005 to focus again on technology and software architecture. 

Later, Uwe was responsible as a lead architect for Nokia's performance management applications in the Operation Support Systems (OSS) business domain. This also was the time when he first came across enterprise architecture management. Designing the architecture of several applications in the context of a highly integrated business solution for managing telecom networks goes beyond software architecture, and claims for EA.

In 2008, Uwe left R & D and turned to consulting. He worked for Tata Consultancy Services, and for Platinion, a German IT-subsidiary of the Boston Consulting Group. His main focus areas were SOA and EAM. He was the head architect of a project developing a SOA for a leading car manufacturer, and conducted several application rationalization projects and architecture assessments for large companies. He also consulted enterprises in matters of introducing a suitable architecture management.

Recently, Uwe turned away from consulting in order to have more time for his family, and now works as a member of the EA team for Vodafone Germany.

Uwe lives in the area of Düsseldorf, together with his wife Christiane and his four-year-old son Julian.