Table of Contents

The book is a monograph on enterprise architecture. It has two parts.

In the first part, we talk about the current state-of-art in enterprise architecture. This includes the basic concepts, best practices, frameworks and maturity models in EA. It elaborates the current state of affairs as seen in the literature and practice of EA.

In the second part, we highlight the challenges and risks in the current ways of doing EA. We then bring forth our learning from other management fields in a bid to enrich the state-of-art for EA. In here,

  • we introduce Lean principles from manufacturing to eliminate wasteful activities in EA; 
  • we apply Agile methods from software engineering to balance EA strategy and tactics; and, 
  • we propose the use of Enterprise 2.0 platform to carry out EA tasks collaboratively.

In essence, we attempt to enrich (and not replace) traditional EA practices with more contemporary Lean, Agile and Enterprise 2.0 practices. It is not our intention to teach or sell EA rather we want to understand it better and make practical sense out of it, for ourselves and for our fellow architects.