Target Readers

The book is a monograph mainly written for IT-professionals in the industry with several years of work experience.

The primary target readers are architects dealing with complex information systems. They can be enterprise architects who are responsible for the strategic development of their enterprise’s IT-landscape, lead architects who are in charge of guiding larger IT-transformation programs, or architects who design larger shares of the product portfolio of an IT- vendor. All these jobs are concerned with problems, methods, and concepts of Enterprise Architecture (EA). Our book provides them a systematic reflection about the strength and weaknesses of conventional EA, and a source of innovative ideas to these readers.

EA is a central communication hub in the organization of an enterprise. It has points of contact to many business functions, for example to software development projects, project portfolio planning, strategic business planning, or business departments.

Therefore, the interest group for this book is wide-spread. It includes project architects, lead developers, project managers, business representatives, IT decision makers – all stakeholders in the EA processes.

EA is sometimes considered as the supreme discipline in the domain of IT architecture, and therefore the book is a springboard for ambitious technical architects or senior software developers.

EA also is a topic frequently debated by analysts and researchers.

EA occurs in the curricula of computer science departments as well and some of the most distinguished universities do research in this area. There also are certification programs available for EA. The book takes a practitioners view, and is not primarily intended to be a student’s textbook. Nonetheless, it might be of interest to the academia as well.